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Breaking news has just come in, that a Korean company Woori Hanot Hanbok is contributing in an amazing way towards making Korean children responsible for the country.

This is done by making high quality Korean traditional dresses for children which are known by the brand hanbok.

Thier motive is to enhance the quality of children by letting them grow up by wearing their traditional dress, which is made only with high-class domestic sewing.They have to say that A child dressed in hanbok clothes will grow up to be a kind of child who is responsible for this country.

A child in our culture will surely be the self-respect of the Republic of Korea.

The basic Idea behind this brand is if children are seen in a shopping mall or some other public place,then they can be seen in countries traditional dress.

A greater aspect of the brand is that this is available at a very low price. So it can be clearly said that now there is a brand in Korea which is there to serve the national interest.


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